Squarespace Website
Holly Hickey Moore's business was rapidly expanding and she wanted a website that could grow with her, even when she eventually hired on her own in-house designer. I decided to use Squarespace to create her site since it would be the most user friendly to update in the future. The site was very image heavy and featured an old blog with many posts to transfer over. It's been great to see Holly making changes to the site long after it was built and watching her business continue to expand. 

MailChimp Elements
I created a number of layouts and elements for Holly to use in her MailChimp email campaigns. The elements are all interchangeable but have a consistent look so she can pair as she pleases. 

Print Collateral
Over the years, Holly would occasionally need miscellaneous print materials to send to client during the holidays or for trade shows. Below you can see a few advertising cards, free maintenance guides, and even some adorable Valentine's day cards Holly sent to clients along with home-made chocolates.

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